Snowbord Lessons|Gymnastics lesson which leads to a child's confidence! The gymnastics private teacher is performed in Gumma.

nowboard lessons



  • スノーボード教室について
  • スノーボード教室について
  • スノーボード教室について
  • スノーボード教室について

Training Concept

1.Trainees are taught how to set up their board safely.
2.After performing efficient stretching exercises, you begin training.
3.You will end with a cool-down period to reduce next day fatigue.
4.During the training session we can record and show you your performance(reservation required). Please note,a copy of the recording is not providee.


・Number is limited to a maximum of 5 people.
・The greater the number of peaple,the less amount of time you will have to snowboard.
・In some cases,such as lift suspended service due to poor weather after the atar the start of the training ,there is no refund, but we would use the time for snowboard related excercises.
・Please organize your own equipment rental and lift tickets.
・If you are late for your reservation time, you will be correspondingly reduced training time.
・Insurance is not provide.
・Sports Love Agent does not take responsibility for any accidents or injuries.

Training Costs

Training Costs
Every time I have one more person+4000yen
Opening Hours 9:00a.m-3:00p.m
Regular Holiday When the coach is competing in tournaments.




Sports Love Agent
  • 伊勢崎で体育家庭教師として活動するプロスノーボーダー【滝沢 葵】の運営する、群馬のスポーツ教室【Sports Love Agent】です。レッスン内容に関するご質問等どうぞお気軽にお問い合わせ下さいませ。
  • お電話受付時間
  • TEL:090-6511-4472
  • MAILでのお問い合わせ


  • 水なれ
  • 水泳
  • 鉄棒
  • なわとび
  • かけっこ
  • 陸上競技
  • スノーボード
  • 体力向上
  • 空手道
  • バドミントン
  • 持久力UP
  • バランス力UP